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For Sale Archery Items

If you are a member of the Bay City Bowmen Club and would like an item posted for sale on the website please let us know. Members and non-members are welcome to contact sellers for more information or to purchase.


Please reach out to Nathan Bock on Facebook to get an item posted.


This message serves as a reminder that Bay City Bowmen Club is not responsible for the sale or exchange of archery equipment that may occur between members or on Club premises. The Club acts solely as a venue for individuals to connect and facilitate their own transactions.


Please note:

- Bay City Bowmen Club assumes no liability for the quality, condition, or safety of any equipment sold or exchanged between individuals. It is the buyer's responsibility to thoroughly inspect and assess the equipment before purchasing.

- The Club offers no warranties or guarantees on any equipment, whether explicit or implied. All equipment is sold "as is."

- The Club is not involved in mediating disputes or resolving issues arising from private equipment sales. Any disagreements or concerns must be addressed directly between the involved parties.

- We strongly encourage all members and guests to exercise caution and common sense when buying or selling archery equipment. Prioritize safety by asking detailed questions, requesting photos or demonstrations, and verifying information regarding the equipment's history and condition.

To promote safe and responsible transactions, we suggest:

- Conducting transactions in a well-lit area during Club hours.

- Having a knowledgeable third party present to witness the deal, if desired.

- Clearly documenting the sale, including details about the equipment, price, and buyer/seller information.

- Reporting any safety concerns or suspicious activity to Club officials immediately.

By understanding these guidelines and approaching private equipment sales with prudence, we can all continue to enjoy a safe and positive experience at Bay City Bowmen Club.


Should you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



The Board at Bay City Bowmen Club

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