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Interested in Joining Our Club? We'd Love to Have You!

While you don't have to be a member to join us for 3-D shoots and other public events, there are a lot of benefits to becoming a member.


Member Benefits

Unlimited free use of outdoor practice range when not in use for private events

Ability to rent the club for your own private events

Reduced fees for 3-D and Field & Hunter courses

Reduced league fees

Ability to bring guests (all guests must pay when using the club facility even when accompanied by a member) to shoot the indoor/outdoor practice ranges when not in use

Use of all 80 acres for:


          -Fishing (Catch & Release)




After one year you will also have the opportunity to apply for a key membership which will grant you use of the indoor practice range (when not in use for private events). Additional information about this membership is available below.


Key Membership

A key membership will provide you with a key code to access the clubhouse at any time. This membership is only available after you have been a member in good standing for one year and must be approved by the Board. *NEW THIS YEAR* You must complete 8 hours of volunteer time in order to qualify for a key membership. There will no longer be a 'buyout' option for those who wish to have a key without putting in hours.


Senior Membership

Those 65 or older who are interested in becoming a member can do so at the reduced senior rate.

Membership Duties

Members of the Bay City Bowmen Club do have a responsibility to carry out certain actions in order to retain their membership.


All members must complete 8 hours of volunteer work at the Club to qualify for reduced renewal fees

Children of members with family memberships (even those age 18) are not permitted to use the clubhouse alone unless approved by the Board.

Our kitchen is run on an honor system when leagues are not running. You are responsible for paying for everything you take and collecting money from any guests

If you have a key membership, guests are not permitted to use your key code when you are not present.

Any guest you bring to the indoor practice range is required to sign in as well as pay the $8 shooting fee. You are responsible for collecting this fee and depositing it appropriately.


Member Dues

New member dues are $75

Membership renewal (with hours worked) is $50

Membership renewal (without hours worked) is $100

New senior dues are $50

Senior membership renewals (with hours worked) is $25

Senior membership renewals (without hours) is $75

Key membership dues are an additional $50 (8hrs of volunteer time is required previous year to be eligible)


If you'd like to become a member you can download an application here. All applications will be reviewed for completion and membership cards will be sent as soon as possible.

If you have any questions check out our Contact Us page to find out more.

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