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Check Out Our Club!
If you love archery you'll want to check out the Bay City Bowmen Club. We have Youth and Adult leagues all winter and 3-D shoots through the summer so you'll never run out of things to do and ways to practice your skills.

For the most up-to-date information regarding events and club activities, please visit our Facebook Page!


2024 Upcoming Events at Bay City Bowmen’s Club!


6th - January Board Meeting

7th, 14th, & 28th - Sunday Open Shoot and Tune - 9am - 1pm

20th - 21st - SVAA Indoor FITA 600 Shoot



3rd - February Board Meeting

4th, 11th, 18th, 25th - Sunday Open Shoot and Tune - 9am - 1pm 


2nd - March Board Meeting

9th - Indoor 3D Fun Shoot

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Sunday Open Shoot and Tune - 9am - 1pm



2nd - April Board Meeting

12th - JOAD Banquet

13th - Youth Banquet

17th - Club Championship Shoot

24th - Monday vs Wednesday Animal League Shoot

TBD - Money Shoot


4th - May Board Meeting


1st - MAA Marked 3-D Shoot

5th - June Board Meeting


12th - 14th IAA 3D

18th - Club Work Party


3rd - 4th Annual Ken Rousse Memorial 3D Money Shoot

10th - 11th - Bay City Bowmen's Club 3D Shoot

24th - Zombie Shoot


7th -8th - Bay City Bowmen's Club 3D Shoot

22nd - Bay City Bowmen Raffle Drawing @ Franks Great Outdoors!





REMINDER: Our club cannot run these events without our members help!

We would love to see you come out to shoot any of these events, but we also need help running these events! Please Make sure you sign up to work the events.

- All members who wish to purchase a key for current year with membership are REQUIRED to complete 8 hours of volunteer time. 4 of those hours must be served at a public event!

​- All members who wish to receive a discount for their non-key membership for current year are REQUIRED to complete 8 hours of volunteer time as well. 4 of those hours must be at a public event.

Please reach out to Nathan Bock for questions or to sign up to volunteer for events!


Membership Information

Membership forms and payments for the current year are due by February 1st.

If you have not submitted your forms & payment, please do so as soon as possible.

If you have already submitted forms & payment, you should receive your membership card and gate combination within a couple weeks from date of submission.

If you have not received your card and gate combination, please contact Bruce Lowrie.

REMINDER:  About your club membership, your membership is only for your family including you, your spouse and minor children. Please make sure you follow the rules :) 


Bay City Bowmen Gear

​We are checking out options for new line up of gear! More coming soon on that. Current gear available is up on display in the club.


Advertise at the Bay City Bowmen Club

If you've been to our club before, you've seen the great signs that we have hanging in the shooting room. These signs are advertisements from businesses in our area and we're always looking for more businesses that would like to advertise with us. ​

If you're interested in advertising at our club and would like more information or to purchase a sign for display, please reach out to Nathan Bock for additional information.


Club & Grounds Closed for a Private Event

​Please contact a Board Member for more information about requesting the Club for a private event.

All requests must be made in person, at a regularly scheduled Board Meeting for voting and to be approved.

​Please note: When the Club is closed for a private event, members are NOT allowed on the premises for any reason.

It is best to check the Facebook post that is pinned to the Featured Section of the group. As this is going to have the most up to date information avaliable.

​2024 - Club is unavailable for following dates:

20th - 21st - Public Shoot - AD






1st - Public Shoot - AD

29th - Private Event - AD

12-13th - Public Shoot - AD

3rd - Public Shoot - AD

10 - 11th - Public Shoot - AD

TBD - Public Shoot - E

17th - Private Event - AD


7 - 8th - Public Shoot - AD


19th - Private Event (indoors only) - AD




AD = All Day

M = Morning

A = Afternoon

E = Evening 


Broadhead Rules

Broadheads are not to be used on the outdoor practice bales, the Field and Hunter Course or the 3D course. These courses are for field tips ONLY. There is a special box with sand set up if you need to tune your broadheads. This is located on the west side of the practice range.

​If anyone is found to be shooting broadheads on any of our courses or our standard practice bales their shooting privileges will be revoked.

​Thank you for making sure that all of our members can enjoy the courses and practice range. 

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